Filgen BCH Turbo Series I

Filgen BCH TURBO SERIES has a non-overloading characteristic designed into the wheel. The proper motor provided will not be overloaded even if the blower is not operated at the point selected. Only a change of fan rpm may necessitate a change of electric motor size.

17 Fan sizes are available: 12.187" to 64.375" wheel diameters. Always choose a standard size fan for easy maintenance and replacement of parts. Of course, a standard fan will be more economical. Bigger size fans are available but are not catalogued. These are models 141 to 160.

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Product Line

  • Tubeaxial & Vaneaxial Airfoil Fans
  • Backward Inclined Airfoil Blowers
  • Power Roof Ventilators
  • Turbo Industrial Blowers
  • Cyclone & Filterbag Dust Collectors
  • Centrifugal & Tubular In-Line Fans
  • Pollution Control Devices
  • Room Aircon fans & blowers
  • Forward Curve Blowers
  • Exhaust & Ventilating Fans
  • High Pressure Blowers
  • Radial Blowers
  • Airfoil Wheels
  • Utility Blowers
  • Cabinet type Blowers

Services Offered

  • Design of Exhaust & Ventilation Systems
  • Installation of Fans & Blowers
  • Repairs & upgrading of Fans & Blowers
  • Dynamic Balancing up to 120" diameter